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*NEWS* Thursday May 23rd *Roberto Rogel Speaks up!*

After giving Roberto Rogel some exposure yesterday in the Commodore Amiga group, it's quite obvious he knows more and is more involved with the other clowns and scammers. Steffan Egger is apparently not doing well and feels sorry for him self and is allegedly suicidal according to Roberto Rogel. We found this quite curious and pressed on and after some investigation we found out why Stefan Egger has quit and given up and it's for good reasons.

so here is a message to Roberto Rogel: 

00 05 23 19 RRAccusesAWe the ACS will continue to expose and share what we see fit about you and Stefan and Salvador as the the Trio of Dunces!

You accused one of us making Stefan Egger feeling bad yesterday and had you cohort Robert Michael Impson Cole chime in and say things that we where responsible for him being in poor mental health and so on saying we knew what it was about, it's horrific if Stefan is suicidal and we wish him no harm or ill fate just to be honest and stop sucking your and Salvador's nuts! But investigating the matter you accused us of we have found interesting details.

Lots of allegations here but untrue! As the ACS has nothing to do with the Crowdfunded Campaign we think is what you idiots are talking about. We have never ever accepted donations or contributions. ACS hosting/domains etc. it's all done in good faith and paid out of our own pockets!

We are not going in to this matter to open and publicly as if Stefan is mentally unfit and suicidal over the matter. But there is a explanations to this below of the events that has happened.