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Thursday 20th September 2018 UPDATE

It has been a few interesting days here, we have been ill and some been busy with life, but think it deserves a Update the Page, as the WAR with Phase 5 is getting interesting!

We have followed some interesting Discussions on the Commodore Amiga Facebook group, and Found out that Roberto Rogel a man what likes to run his mouth and being a defender of Salvador, he has some various nice explanations and would be fun to Quote but we cant be bothered due to his low intelligence, he says he is not involved in phase 5 at the same time he is quite involved. Claiming Salvador got a Temporary ban, all the traces of Salvador personal and Phase 5 scam page he ran is gone from Facebook! That is a not a temporary ban, that is usually 72 hours for first offences. Longer bans are for heavier infractions like a 1 month is the highest. As you are temporary banned you can see them, for example a 30 day ban you can still see the persons account write to them and so on but they cant reply!

Anyways as Salvador is no longer on Facebook it's a matter of time before his new Profile(s) are up again and we would like to know when if people find them, so we can list them here and let people know what account he is using and so on!

Also since Facebook is on the case and his fraudulent behaviors and scamming, we noticed he is back on Twitter and spreading his shit! Look at the Tweet and click on it to enlarge the image and you will see, the picture is take off some counter top with fake granite or something also showing nothing remotely to production, any self respectable manufacturer would had them on ESD covered mats or in trays/tubes at least or something. He bought these a few years ago the sockets from Amibay, we got the info from a trusted and good source. There is 0 production going on. It's been over 3 years now since he started the scam and nothing been release but broken boards with no ground and lies.

00 tweet
Also this man Roberto Rogel answers your questions and all just send him a PM on Facebook or tag him in any group he is and ask him about Phase 5 as he is a close personal friend of Salvador Fernando Gomez. He can just call and very information for you! He is more than likely and guilty by association to be a part of the scam, as he cant provide any evidence against the allegations of Salvador has no rights to Phase 5 IP, as it is stolen. Blaming others for Salvador's short comings and pretty much being a cohort! Then again his words cant be trusted as the two faced snake he is! You can see it clearly in his Profile with pictures of his wife and kid and then lots of expensive luxury items and cars, all stolen images and copyright infringements!

Monday 3rd September 2018 UPDATE

Turns out our friend has cleaned up his Facebook page and act after accusing everyone and everybody being apart of the Amiga Crime Scene, seams he is in panic trying to cover his tracks and clean up, but we got them all screenshoted for evidence and it's no 15Gb but least got the proofs you have harassed and persecuted people that have spoken up and asked questions about the crimes you have committed Salvador Fernando Gomez! Make sure and rest easy that we will keep covering your tracks and publicly display it all!


Monday 27th August 2018 UPDATE

What is this promises he keeps telling people about deliveries etc? Look at the latest post and rant found under Images or if you click the image below.
27082018 moreliesfromsalvaimproved

Saturday 25th August 2018 UPDATE

Well this morning started out great, looked at Salvador Fernando Gomez Phake 5 Facebook page for some crazy rants. Yes he delivered like clock work just after the what the bars in Frankfurt had closed we think. Here it is a CLAIM again and nothing to back it up with, as he does not own the Trademark aka. IP (Intellectual Property.)

Click here for original link to post on: Facebook

00 20180825 Salvacriesasquirt01

Click on Image to enlarge!

If you can post on Facebook ask about the these links for a quick ban perhaps? you can copy the message down below here.

Hi Salvador why are these 2 links saying otherwise to your laying false usual claims, and these are from a official page! When will you ever backup with some EVIDENCE? Not just Slander and crying, saying your your word is good enough (No your word is worth shit!)! No one in their right mind would like to do business with you, accept the few who has fallen for you scam and still try to be your friend in hopes of delivery! Just fold and take your punishment for your scampaign or prove you have something please!


*FLASH* Thursday 23rd August 2018 *FLASH*

Please enlarge! Source is from a known Amiga Forum!


Blizzard 1260 reverse engineered, click on image to enlarge it!

Thursday 23rd August 2018 UPDATE

00 20180823 WallofunwellSalvaWell looks like Salvador Fernando Gomez is having a Crisis and about his IP and do not know what to do as he cant prove he owns the IP and Trademarks. Imagine how long a little transparency like showing a ready board working or some verification that he owns the Phase 5 IP would go, no more ACS no more anything! Quite funny to see how the so called CRIMINALS are getting in support for doing hobby work and showing things that WORKS? Them DEBUNKING and all you say is your word is what matters Salvador Fernando Gomez? Imagine if you just explained this:

1st attempt to register trademark.
2nd attempt to register trademark, and yet another failure.

Instead you go on insane rants on your Facebook page and leave image on the left as proofs as you would be under attack and spend hours writing posts presumably. YOU HAVE NO PROOF FUCKWIT! So please stop it and give up, or provide some evidence and do not say NDA's prevent you from doing anything in your one man Con Show!

Click on the image and enlarge and see if you ever bother to read such crazy rants again, fuck he likes to cut and paste! Then go on about old things!

Also please do note if you bother to read how he rehashes a post from 22nd December 2017 and talks about potential customers, would you buy something form this guy Salvador Fernando Gomez using a PHAKE company called Phase 5 he does not own clearly, as stated above where he is REFUSED the Trademark as he is trying to steal the good name Phase 5 and use it for his CON and SCAMPAIGN! We hope he will soon be put down and put in place like a dirty dog he is and get prosecuted for infringement of copyright for using the name Phase 5!

Happy 1 week tomorrow :D 

Tuesday 21st August 2018 UPDATE

Well new day new troubles for Phake 5 and their employee's well we mean and the only person behind it and his SCAMPAIGN of Phase 5! We had a Nice result and he has shed some tears and complained and had images removed (Meme's or what they are called) We have them documented and have put them up in: IMAGES more to fallow we hope :D These crazy rants makes for a good laugh.


Salvador has made some funny posts in his so called copyright claim :D After we reported that the Blizzard 1240-1260 from DCE is being worked on and reverse engineered.
Please go to IMAGES and see what we got to say about it :D


Just go to IMAGES and read the last posts!

Monday 20th August 2018 UPDATE

Latest gossip is that the Blizzard 1240-1260 from DCE is being reverse engineered, we wish best to the project and hope for a success :D We think it will be great to see an repair board for the old leaked and burnt out boards and possibly even new fresh boards made :D. The djungel drums told us while writing this, the board has been stripped and cleaned and now the work begins! GO GO! :D

Sunday 19th August 2018 UPDATE

Re-Amiga A1200 project is finished and publicly made available! read more here: http://wordpress.hertell.nu/

Great job CHUCKY^TheGANG and thanks for once again providing the scene with good content.

Also added IMAGES for funny images and rants from Salvador, from his mental episodes.

Saturday 18th August 2018 UPDATE

We to have had a nice start, few mails, and added content and we had over 800+ people visit the page

Thanks you and look for more updates today, and spread the word in the Community about Phake 5  ...

/ACS Leadership

Friday 17th August 2018 UPDATE2

We fixed some stuff and added some more content.

Email: amigacrime@gmail.com
Download: Artwork for the Phake 5 in .PNG and .EPS format (Public Domain)
Phase 5: More evidence and proof and shows how seriously Salvador runs his businesses, not his first scam around the block!
Links: Updated some links and added some more
About: Member application done and in PDF format to print out and then scan/photo and send in to join ACS!

Friday 17th August 2018

Welcome to the grand opening of the Amiga Crime Scene syndicates home page.

 This page is started to let people know about the crimes committed in the Amiga Community, Scene, Facebook and Forums!

 We (Yes WE as PLURAL several people, not just one guy.) started Amiga Crime Scene as a response to Phase 5 Digital Products run by the con/scam artist Salvador Fernandez Gomez. Calling the people in the Amiga Community for criminals! More of this in other pages on this site under Phase 5 if you care to read, as we will be exposing the SCAM!

 We are happy to host some Downloads content to SOON! Like some schematics for boards  that are reverse engineered and you can make your self to repair your broken cards with, simple guides and other things useful.

 The About will do a presentation of the main members of the Amiga Crime Scene, and anyone who wants to join the ACS is welcome to do so by simply mailing us and give some information to add to the pages.

 Links section we will be linking to trusted seller and repair services and other stuff related to the Amiga Community

 Mail for contact and Member Application will fallow soon! --- DONE ... mailto: amigacrime@gmail.com

 We will make the page more mobile friendly to so for people using phones we will keep it simple and clean for you!

 Also the "Phase 5" page is under construction it's just a rough draft and will be edited more when the editor in chief got time!

Also there i nothing illegal hosted on this server or breaking any laws so please keep your harassment and reports to your self! If it's up it's up and does not come down unless WE remove it! Especially as we are under constant barrages of slander and false claims from the Phase 5 CEO Salvador Fernando Gomez, which are not backed up with any form or evidence!

To Duckface Coffeeboy aka. Salvador Fernando Gomez fanboys like Stefan Eggert, please be awake we are tracking your actions to! 

(C) Amiga Crime Scene 2018