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10403337 10152709866115983 8775547978395811338 nIn 2008 Roberto Rogel Lopez started a genius scam really, he started out with a good idea on how to make money of people! Accept donations and get Hardware for free and sell it a higher price!

He is not shy about his business really and is quite active and sells a lot of the pieces that are for the museum and most likely pockets the money for his and life style! He condemns other for selling stuff at higher prices and claim they are trying to acquire goods questionable from using lists and seeking them up to ask if they have stuff to resell he claims.

For being a person that claims he has a business preserving and so on but all is being resold at a marked up price, to fund his lavishing lifestyle as a fake/fraudster/scammer/scum!

We really do not know what to say about this scam/scummer it's to much to comb through! 

Some of the things we found funny is. looking a the and eBay!

The Classic Computer Museum of Central and Eastern Europe Preserving and Sharing the History of Personal Computers in Central and Eastern Europe

OUR MISSION - Our MISSION is to preserve and share this history of personal computing in Central and Eastern Europe, with an on-site musem, an on-line museum, and temporary expositions in cultural centres and universities in the region.

We looked in to more about this Roberto Rogel, not his full name :O Roberto Rogel Lopez is his full legal name we found out! Back to his scam pages these lines directly from his own words and site speaks for it self:

DONATE Our MISSION is to preserve and share this history of personal computing in Central and Eastern Europe, with an on-site musem, an on-line museum, and temporary expositions in cultural centres and universities in the region.

To donate EQUIPMENT, please contact us at:

We started acquiring and collecting computers since the Atari 2600 VCS. After we bought an Atari 600XL, followed by the great Commodore 128. The obvious next step was the Amiga 2000, complete with its 1084S monitor. That is how we started in the 1980s.

we have 2 facilities adapted as office and warehouse, where we keep our treasures in constant temperature and humidity 24x7.  It requires a lot of resources, but we can all agree that it is worth it! (Where are these facilities?)

This WE terminology as it's a successful 1 man scam/scum show. also 2 facilities? Where is this Museum with no PHYSICAL ADRESS ? is it the apartment in London? No that is just a office hotel where you rent a address to do shady business from and send invoices/mail from we guess, and mail from there is forwarded most likely to Hungary to you home right Roberto? There is no Finest Computer or FinestComputers or anything registred as a company. It is all fake like Salvadore Ferandez Gomez the so called CEO of Phase 5 .Fake Phone Fake Address Fake everything!

Browse our nice Ebay shop, and in case you want 10% savings on ANY item listed there, just send us a request for the item at:

Way to avoid eBay and customer protection and listing fee's and stuff.

Looking at what Roberto is doing to the Museum collection: In order to get funds to continue the project, we have been selling some of the computers and accessories that we have in surplus through the Ebay Shop, trying to always preserve at least one working specimen. This way of getting funds has proven not to be enough, so we will be engaging in a more proactive funding strategy to be able to accomplish our mission.

Also Gratz to the add on!
00 BusinesspauseSo taking it you are closing shop Roberto Rogel Lopez! Will you have a clearance sale? Let us know!

We discourage people from harassment of his Family and relatives and Wife and Children! If you want to go after someone please punch Roberto only!

Also he is involved somehow with Salvador Fernandez Gomez in the Phase5 scamming somehow. They where seen together scumming together on Amiga 32 and arrived together in a car, and well who knows what and why. But we only guess Roberto smile was cause of Salvas ducklips for some reason, one can but wonder whats going on between them. As Roberto Rogel Lopez has openly supported Salvador and been adamant that he is producing and doing right for a long time. Hence why he is known as Defender of the Clown!

Well it's not a secret he is not liked by many in the Commodore Amiga Scene and most people find him rather repulsive and a bit know it all! But this is utter proof he is a SCUM at least! He does stuff to procure hardware and sells it to fund his family as he openly admits to! There are some prime examples of arguments he has had with people and then accused them of doing the exactly the thing he would do and does! Talk about being a two faced liar scum!

Sources used: <- Linked in shows Roberto Rogel as employee!