September 2018

Friday 28th September 2018 UPDATE

We got a message from one of Salvador and Roberto's friend called Stefan Egger, he sent this message to us last Saturday and we have not checked the Facebook account in a few days. We got this message of incoherent ramblings like he had gone off his medication. Once asked about what he was talking about he replied and we decided to publish this public! Once he publicly apologize and says he is sorry for shilling and condoning the actions of Salvador and Roberto and acting like a idiot we will remove this.

Condoning the actions of Salva and his scam!

Stefan Egger Happy To My Style!


22 September 06:39

Please stop putting my name in connection with phase5, I have nothing to do with that and I am not interested in that AT ALL. I know that it probably won't come out and that those rants from Salva are not good for a "business". But I wanted to hear both sides and to ME PERSONALLY (and that has NOTHING to do with you or anyone else) he never did anything. If he had lied to me I am not sure and I don't care about that as it's his beer and not mine.

I dont believe you or Salva or anyone. I am in good contact with John Hertell and nobody has any problem beside you spreading lies and shit about someone not wanting to go into a useless war wasting my time. What should I say now "oh it is shit" or what? And what will my word change as I have never commented on anything phase5 related in neither, positive or negative way (as far as I know). That I liked some pictures of an classic Amiga card, a top product, is in no connection with the new phase5.

I DID NOT SUPPORT PHASE 5 IN ANY WAY - I even stopped discussions and him posting on MYSTLYE as this just has no use. Everyone can see what happens and I think every child knows not to send money to someone who has no working product.

I can only say again that you please delete this and apologize as this is getting ridiculous. If you dont like me, that's okay. Fuck off and done. You want to do the right thing and be better than Salva but you spread such lies just to have someone you can rant against and that is disgusting.

I will not condone that any longer, to say it with your famous word.

ONCE FOR ALL - I AM NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR GAMES AND PHASE 5 AND YOU WILL DELETE THAT SHIT OFF YOUR PAGE (within a week) AND WRITE AN APOLOGIZE UPDATE. It makes me look bad without having done, nor supported, nor said anything about phase 5. I was never in discussion about a free 1260 with Salva, but in the early stages we discussed makeing an ad but it just was a thought by him and there never was any outcome.

It's sad with what people I have to do. I just do my thing, make my collection and I am not in any forums or anything and still get bugged all the time with stuff I never did and not even have a chance to say anything about as I am not there anyway so that alone is the most stupid thing I have ever read. My only project MYSTYLE did "ban" phase5 for discussion and my homepage does not even say anything about that. And other than that I am no where nor did I do anything of that you accuse me of and even if it is no reason to do something like that. You just need some victims and chose me by popular demand,the one least involved in all that.

Get your shit together soon and think about what you do. I never did anything to you or anyone else and I dont know why you do that or why you care so much about me, my opinion but just stop with it and search someone else to bug. I AM NOT INTERESTED IN YOU, YOUR SHITTY PAGE, PHASE 5, or anything else. Everyone should know by now that I am only interested in myself. :)

And yes, Roberto is in my group but that is a dictatorship and there is no one except me making rules. He did help me with his advice and he is a nice guy, also a bit focused too much about that whole phase5 thing, he cares way too much about that and I dont know why. I don't care about if it comes out or not, if he has the rights or not.

Not that it bugs me I dont care about that but you must think yourself that this is the most stupid thing you've ever heard of and did. There is not even a expression I have for how stupid that is what you try to do and you igore anyway what I say as in your world you have another movie running.

So again, stop that shit and we are good. Find a new hobby and dont bug me, also I appreciate your attention and interest and acknowledgement that I am a famous person in that area, But its not fair to use me for your war - accent on YOUR war. You better make sure we stay friends and not enemies, as nobody ever had a good outcome in making me mad. So without getting much into conflict, I tell you one last time to remove those tags on your page and I will try to not comment on anything related to that any longer - as I never had, but you can't avoid that topic sometimes.

That's it. Please dont start again with anything, Do not answer other than "done, have a nice day, sir". I am not interested and I dont care. Remove it and stop saying such things. Period. Remember; I am the one who kept him silent and stopped those ads (links) and threads on my page without any war and any bad word, and you come here and tell me that I support it. What you do, that is not my style. That is your style. And its not a good one, nor a fair one.

Fri 19:03

You referring to the 17th August update or what?

I dont know. I don't have time for that or interest in that Thanks

Explain your self you fool!  This is going public on the ACS website.
okay you just made the pages Stefan gratz.

*NOTE!* We waited 30 min and he blocked us like a bitch!*NOTE!*


Thursday 20th September 2018 UPDATE

It has been a few interesting days here, we have been ill and some been busy with life, but think it deserves a Update the Page, as the WAR with Phase 5 is getting interesting!

We have followed some interesting Discussions on the Commodore Amiga Facebook group, and Found out that Roberto Rogel a man what likes to run his mouth and being a defender of Salvador, he has some various nice explanations and would be fun to Quote but we cant be bothered due to his low intelligence, he says he is not involved in phase 5 at the same time he is quite involved. Claiming Salvador got a Temporary ban, all the traces of Salvador personal and Phase 5 scam page he ran is gone from Facebook! That is a not a temporary ban, that is usually 72 hours for first offences. Longer bans are for heavier infractions like a 1 month is the highest. As you are temporary banned you can see them, for example a 30 day ban you can still see the persons account write to them and so on but they cant reply!

Anyways as Salvador is no longer on Facebook it's a matter of time before his new Profile(s) are up again and we would like to know when if people find them, so we can list them here and let people know what account he is using and so on!

Also since Facebook is on the case and his fraudulent behaviors and scamming, we noticed he is back on Twitter and spreading his shit! Look at the Tweet and click on it to enlarge the image and you will see, the picture is take off some counter top with fake granite or something also showing nothing remotely to production, any self respectable manufacturer would had them on ESD covered mats or in trays/tubes at least or something. He bought these a few years ago the sockets from Amibay, we got the info from a trusted and good source. There is 0 production going on. It's been over 3 years now since he started the scam and nothing been release but broken boards with no ground and lies.

00 tweet
Also this man Roberto Rogel answers your questions and all just send him a PM on Facebook or tag him in any group he is and ask him about Phase 5 as he is a close personal friend of Salvador Fernando Gomez. He can just call and very information for you! He is more than likely and guilty by association to be a part of the scam, as he cant provide any evidence against the allegations of Salvador has no rights to Phase 5 IP, as it is stolen. Blaming others for Salvador's short comings and pretty much being a cohort! Then again his words cant be trusted as the two faced snake he is! You can see it clearly in his Profile with pictures of his wife and kid and then lots of expensive luxury items and cars, all stolen images and copyright infringements!

Monday 3rd September 2018 UPDATE

Turns out our friend has cleaned up his Facebook page and act after accusing everyone and everybody being apart of the Amiga Crime Scene, seams he is in panic trying to cover his tracks and clean up, but we got them all screenshoted for evidence and it's no 15Gb but least got the proofs you have harassed and persecuted people that have spoken up and asked questions about the crimes you have committed Salvador Fernando Gomez! Make sure and rest easy that we will keep covering your tracks and publicly display it all!