October 2018

Tuesday 30th October 2018 UPDATE

Looks like Salvador is still in the business and trying to scam, putting up old pages with more useless public information and boasting about the how the page looked 19 years ago in 1999. What a tool he is and he should focus more on production and November is soon here TICK TOCK! Salvador where is the promised boards and productions :D

Look at his bullshit! click on the image and load and see his crappy update and LEGACY page!

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Tuesday 9th October 2018 UPDATE

Well since Mr. Salvador Fernando Gomez has lost his Facebook account and his Phake 5 Digital Productions page on Facebook (Damn it meant Phase 5.) There has been calm and not much of emotional wall of incoherent text from Salvador.

Twitter is the last for he has to spew his hate and scam still ongoing it seams. With amazing 68 Followers! Please check it out and leave a comment and get banned or re-tweet and make him look stupid with a nice comment.

https://twitter.com/phase5digitalpr/ For more lies and fantasies from the delusional mind of Salvador Fernando Gomez!

Must say we are curious as what he means with Users and companies who committed defamation? and the campaign part after as we are not aware much of others than us members of the ACS, and we are strong 15k members and still going strong, no legal mail no nothing has come :( Well you got the web admin and such where you can mail! We will never give up and will continue to expose you Salvador Fernando Gomez, and your cohort Roberto Rogel and your friend Stefan Egger is getting a special mention as he is condoning you actions!

/ACS going stronger and faster than a fantasy existing board!

Phase 5 Scammer!