May 2019

*NEWS* Thursday May 23rd *Roberto Rogel Speaks up!*

After giving Roberto Rogel some exposure yesterday in the Commodore Amiga group, it's quite obvious he knows more and is more involved with the other clowns and scammers. Steffan Egger is apparently not doing well and feels sorry for him self and is allegedly suicidal according to Roberto Rogel. We found this quite curious and pressed on and after some investigation we found out why Stefan Egger has quit and given up and it's for good reasons.

so here is a message to Roberto Rogel: 

00 05 23 19 RRAccusesAWe the ACS will continue to expose and share what we see fit about you and Stefan and Salvador as the the Trio of Dunces!

You accused one of us making Stefan Egger feeling bad yesterday and had you cohort Robert Michael Impson Cole chime in and say things that we where responsible for him being in poor mental health and so on saying we knew what it was about, it's horrific if Stefan is suicidal and we wish him no harm or ill fate just to be honest and stop sucking your and Salvador's nuts! But investigating the matter you accused us of we have found interesting details.

Lots of allegations here but untrue! As the ACS has nothing to do with the Crowdfunded Campaign we think is what you idiots are talking about. We have never ever accepted donations or contributions. ACS hosting/domains etc. it's all done in good faith and paid out of our own pockets!

We are not going in to this matter to open and publicly as if Stefan is mentally unfit and suicidal over the matter. But there is a explanations to this below of the events that has happened.







1. Stefan Egger is not a saint and rather a manic bully and pressures people to the brink of almost extortion!
2. Stefan Egger backed a crowdfunded thing, and got refunded as he was demanding and trying to be more important than that he is to get his product faster.
3. Crowdfunders responded with sending him contribution and striking him of the list.
4. Stefan Egger goes mental and start to threaten and saying he will make the campaign suffer if he is not payed more. (Extortion in public.)
5. Crowdfunders replies in kindness and Stefan Egger just goes on and threatens and harasses the campaign owners.
6. Campaign owners goes the fully legal way and uses a laywer to send cease and desist to Stefan Egger.
7. Stefan Egger feals sorry and realizes what he has done is wrong and cries, and realizes it can get costly to slander and defame a company that actually is producing and making hardware/software and replacements parts. 

Any thing else you want to add Defender of the Clowns Roberto Rogel? Or you going to start sucking some Stefan and Scammador Nuts?

Ohh is it our fault Stefan's Scampaign on Indiegogo failed is this what you thinking about when you ment we stole his blah blah?

00 05 23 19 RRAccusesB
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Note: Robert Michael Impson Cole is admin of the less successful Amiga groups.
Also Roberto Rogel calling people FAT and talking about looks, i would keep my comments to my self with those Gollum Eyes and Face!

*NEWS* Wednesday May 22nd *NEWS*

We wonder if this is related to Scammador disappearance?
00 05 22 2019

Messing with the Russians is not a good thing, they will take you and bring you on a nice camping trip to the forest...

*NEWS* Sunday May 19th *NEWS*

Chucky has released his opensource 030 accelerator for the A3000 and A4000 motherboards.

Please enjoy and make your own Accelerators if you need to :D

*GREAT NEWS* Wednesday May the 15th *PROOF of crime!*


It's Spring time and we got a lot of things and stuff on our hands here at Amiga Crime Scene HQ's, moving the grass, plant greens and stuff. It's been so nice and calm for more than 2 Weeks, We think Scammador went on a hiatus at the looney bin, as clearly he was getting a bit unhinged or his general mental health was not stable due to being off medication, We just assume this bit but it's the most plausible explanation really!

Sorry we might seam bias, but TerribleFire and Chucky are some of the nicest people in the Amiga Community, and they have worked hard and provided people with so much and great products and improved the general products. #FreeChuckyGang is the Hashtag used on Twitter for the cause of the false copyright takedowns of his projects, as Scammador aka. Salvador Fernandez Gomez has done and claimed falsely, without any Copyright or IP right at all yet again he did it from Phase 5 previously and then again from Amiga Technologies UG and they found at YouTube after a lot of time that the copyright claims where made FALSELY, all done maliciously, to slander, harass and try to cause duress for Chucky "John Hertell" The Gang for exposing the Phase 5 Scam started by Salvador Fernandez Gomez back in the fall of 2015. Scammador has electronically signed and is liable for the Copyright Strikes he has claimed and there for we can prove yet once again he is nothing but a petty criminal! a CONMAN! SCAMMER!

Please read to the bottom parts, there is a translated part in English at the bottom as well!

How this mail and other material is obtained is cause it was sent to us, if you got something to share mail us please!

*MAIL* Mail from YouTube to Chucky *MAIL*


The following videos in your account have been restored unless you have deleted them:

We have determined that the copyright takedown request we received for these URLs was invalid. Your copyright strike has been resolved.

Below is a record of the takedown notice we received. Please note the complainant’s physical address and phone number have been redacted. This information will only be shared if you intend to file a lawsuit against the complainant. Let us know if you choose to do so.


Name des Urheberrechtsinhabers (Firmenname, falls zutreffend): Amiga Technologies UG

Dein vollständiger Name (Alias, Nutzernamen oder Initialen können nicht eingegeben werden): Salvador Fernandez Gomez 
Dein Titel oder deine Position (Welche Befugnisse hast du zum Einreichen dieser Beschwerde?): Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter (CEO and OWNER)

Nutzername: Amiga Technologies 

URL des zu entfernenden Videos, das angeblich Urheberrechte verletzt:
Beschreibe das Werk, dessen Urheberrecht angeblich verletzt wurde: Sonstiges
Art des urheberrechtlich geschützten Werks: Amiga Technologies Company
Titel des urheberrechtlich geschützten Werks: Amiga Technologies Company
Wo erscheint der Inhalt? Gesamtes Video
URL des zu entfernenden Videos, das angeblich Urheberrechte verletzt: <a rel="noopener nofollow" href="" target="_blank" data-ft="{"tn":"-U"}" data-lynx-mode="asynclazy" data-lynx-uri="