March 2019

*NEWS* Saturday 30th March 2019 *EXCITEMENT!*

A day left of the self imposed 1st Quarter deadline for Phake 5 (Phase 5 you know typos.) to unveil and delivery on their new and awaited Amiga products for the Commodore machines, we are hoping and wishing Salvador Fernandez Gomez is hard at work soldering and preparing presentations and contacting media and has all the rights and papers in order for the Copyrights and done his GDPR according to the LAW! We do not want to be shown nothing nor counterfeited cards produced without the permissions of the Copyright holders at DCE. Imagine if it was only true something had been done and produced?

Think if Salvador Fernandez Gomez could show the Amiga Community something that worked and be able to sell after asking for forgiveness to the community and then actually sell them to a human prices and not some fantasy luxury Gucci gay ass fantasy prices of eBay listings. But to a fair market value, but the chance of this cretin getting anything done is slimmer than slim to none.

We are excited to call it spring time and enjoy the good weather and sun and stay safe as there is new options in development for the A1200 and A4000 with 68060 and all :D

Cheers mates and happy pirating! Just be honest and show some love!



*NEWS* Friday 29th March 2019 *Twitter!
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We are boggled about this shit head Salvador Fernandez Gomez how he even works and thinks, all he done is scammed and caused problems for people calling his scam out. 2019 full of lies so far 2 more DAYS! and Q1 is over for his self imposed deadline and no PHAKE5 we mean Phase5 Hardware to show for it! You need to come clean and stop living in your mum's basement as the cellar dweller you clearly are! ACS will keep debunking you and asking for proof, Prove us wrong once and we will close the server! More than gladly! Even that Stefan Egger the extortonist and Roberto Rogel the Finest Cuntologist are innocent of their crimes of FUCKWITHERY! we will drop them, Until then please enjoy your places as the THREE AMIGOS!







Also please note Salvadore that you have 2 days until Sunday to unveil your Phase line of 2019 SCAM, as the deadlines you imposed for 2016 2017 and 2018 Materialized nothing but empty words, you managed to scam some people, and where caught and called out. 0 proof of no collusion and 100% debunked and proven fake beyond the shadow of a doubt! Also FYI! Comparing you to the PotUS is a little fun :D

*NEWS* Wednesday 27th March 2019 *Twitter!

00 20190324 TWITTERAs always we do not know what goes around in this deranged mind, now it's just a few days before Q1 of 2019 is over and no Phase 5 reproduction products have come to life. We are disappointed in you Salvador!

Also we noticed you learned Stefan Egger to extort and act like a prof scammer and cretin, good for you guys! Will we meet you at Amiga34 all Three Stooges? Roberto Rogel, Stefan Egger and You (Salvador Fernandez Gomez) 









Also Thanks for the Fan Mail :D