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2018-08-19 1st post
SalvaReAmiga1200We are getting a bit worried about Salvador as he is posting these images of little boys with pants down and talking about pedofile's while he is taking pictures of boys with pants down..








2018-08-19 2nd post

20180819 01 walloftext Yet another Wall of text as they are called, He goes on a rant and rampage and trust me and I am a victim blah blah, people slander me (us his paranoid schizophrenia talking) and who is this friend he talks of you you might wonder? It's Stefan Egger we spoke to him and where asking why he is CONDONING Salva's behaviour? Got as response loads of none sense and he is the hopes of getting a free 1260 card. Image he re posted with the boy as some form of proof, he has a nice reply to. Btw you are a CON ARTIST!. If you had any cards ready you would been showing them in work. Click on the images to enlarge for a good laugh.....20180819 00 walloftext







2018-08-21 1st post
00 salvaclaim20180821

This comical territorial pissing in his SCAMPAIGN is quite funny like he has the copyright etc :D HAHA! Most like due to our News or someone telling him like Steffan Egger the little piss ant he is. Thinking he will get free 1260 Board from Salva LOL!

Monday 20th August 2018 UPDATE

Latest gossip is that the Blizzard 1240-1260 from DCE is being reverse engineered, we wish best to the project and hope for a success :D We think it will be great to see an repair board for the old leaked and burnt out boards and possibly even new fresh boards made :D. The djungel drums told us while writing this, the board has been stripped and cleaned and now the work begins! GO GO! :D

2018-08-21 2nd post
01 20180821 salvaQQWe where reading this post and could not stop laughing as this is a just another desperate attempt by Salvador to silence the Amiga Crime Scene as he calls it, Claim the picture is of a relative to someone in Phase 5 and talking out of your butt much as usual, and you do is claim and claim and have nothing to back it up with we hope Steffan Egger is ready for you :D This is the picture he had taken down below!00 Humor








 2018-08-21 3rd post
02 20180821 salvawall01
As we can only guess by reading these deranged posts, it's either directed to us or maybe the guys reverse engineered the Blizzard 1240/1260 owned by DCE and not Phase 5, and Phase 5 we would like you to direct you eyes to the Trademark section under the page about Phase 5 and this SCAMMER that says he is the CEO of the company Phase 5 named Salvador Fernando Gomez.

1st post we assume is a hint he knows something like, is hosted by PEREQUITO aka. PRQ.SE which are providing us with a sensational hosting and anonymity, no one else would provide such a good service. Why we would recommend them as a host for any services you need and such. and they have nice affordable services for people like good anonymous OpenVPN services with proper Encryption and not some fake PPTP crap VPN. Sorry we sound like a advert for the company, but they are awesome :D They used host Piratebay and Wikileaks for that matter. visit them if you have any needs please and consider their services:

2nd and 3rd post we are unsure to as why he has posted to, as they are to Swedish courts about patent, trademarks and copyright, as Phake 5 is ran by Salvador Fernando Gomez he has NO patent, NO trademark and NO copyright, really what is his claim about? All he does i got stolen IP from DCE and is trying to run a 1 man show, Look a the obvious SCAM! Advertising a Blizzard 1260 MK III 68060 Turbo Board for only €798.00. Image is clearly a older Blizzard 1260, just look at the battery? A new board today we are fairly sure you would have had a battery holder so you could replace them :D This is such a SCAM and obvious to. People should use their brains and see what Salvador is and not condone his actions.

Lets see if some more Paranoid Schizophrenic outburst will happen later today or not.


2018-08-21 4th post02 20180821 salvawall02a

 Guy known in the scene, asks for help finding a card and immediately Phake 5 CEO and Fraudster and Con Artist Salvador Fernando Gomez goes on Phase 5 Facebook page and does a post, You can see here as well the picture and board and price he has is not real, as it's a regular old SCSI module and nothing else and he wants €298.00 for it which is high even for second hand ones, and then on top availability is slim to 0 as he has not delivered a single pre-order yet to anyone! and CE and RoHS etc. You know decent PROOF that anything exists and he does not own the IP not the trademark as we pointed out earlier LOL what goofball and ass-clown he is! Also it is just a a repost of the old post basically nothing new.
02 20180821 salvawall02b

Salvador we just to ask why you link to the TPB case from 6 years ago on a site in South Africa?

Also how an why do you claim IP and things and put out warnings without any rights?

Why do you leave links to the Swedish courts for copyright and Trademark and Patents?

You do not live here in Sweden at all for that matter of fact, maybe you should keep in your jurisdiction as the links are just to the courts and what are they going to do? Maybe go see a Lawyer in Germany about IP and such and use your +15Gb of data and you can use this to add to your evidence click on link for image: SALVABOY

A nice a friend wanted to post open but since he likes to surf gay sites we decided not to post the image open, so you have to manually click it. (Not for the faint of heart!.). Hope you enjoy it btw. Salva. We think the image is depicting you well. Where is the rights to your Phase 5 Trademark ? :D Fucking duckfaced SCAMPAIGNER!

2018-08-27 1st post
27082018 moreliesfromsalvaWell new week and what do we get delivered like usually? More lies and promises and especially delusions of grandeur from SFG! Lets look at his text :D

Ordering now more multilayer PCBs of the Blizzard 1260 MK3 Turbo Board from our multinational and global PCB corporation partner for the serial and professional assembly of the Blizzard 1260 MK3 at our serious, reliable and trustworthy German partner since 2016 in order that our first products will be finally produced and delivered in 2018, with the full range of products at the latest 1.Q/2.Q of 2019 to be available and also for our future products.

You have 0 proof and zero credibility to be able to deliver and with what money from your monopoly game? Just give it up SFG you are a scammer and gotten nothing done so far accept running your mouth!

However, this is not the only phase 5 accelerator, graphics board and PCI expansion boards we have ordered and or received already with all of their very expensive and high quality PCBs, together with months of extremely hard effort and internationally researched and sourced parts with long time lead times of up to 6-8 months to be produced and or delivered again...

More lies from the horse arse we hear here. Claiming he has product but where is the images? Laying makes you nose grow Salvador! also the HQ part about the boards, you mean not having GROUND! and it does not take 6~8 months to produce electronics if your not forcing your poor family to solder them by hand with a torch and lead! Just a bunch of bullshit here!

phase 5 digital products

27th of August 2018


Pictures and illustrations are copyright and courtesy of phase 5 digital products. Do not copy and or use these pictures and illustrations elsewhere without prior expressed and written permission of phase 5 digital products.

All rights reserved.

All just bullshit and bollocks and nothing but false claims of owning something you do not own Salvador Fernando Gomez. You do not own the TRADEMARK not the COPYRIGHT no nothing! we improved your image here btw: Improved message <- Click to see the improvements made (No naked men we promise it SFW.) :D Lets see what more he has to come with here and claim of delusions and possibly more blurred images and poor excuses. /ACS

PS! Nice having a squiggly like Terrorist name to like your fake company posts LOL!