About Amiga Crime Scene!

We are a merry band of pirates and scoundrels hoisting the colours of our flags as we are cruising the web! We fight the oppression and and oppressors and we always side with the under dog and fight until we win! All that matters is TRUTH and FACTS!

We are a community based group of people and anyone is welcome to join Amiga Crime Scene as most people are members already involuntary as they are members of the Commodore Amiga Facebook group! As most Amiga people are in it and according to the mighty Phase 5 Digital Productions On Facebook involved in the Amiga Crime Scene!.

To become a member just fallow this link: MEMBER APPLICATION follow the instructions inside the PDF.

Members of ACS is as of 17th August 2018:
Emil (Leader)
Skorpan (Co Leader)
Lilla Ida

Mail us anything or whatever to: EMAIL US HERE.